Who we are

We're just your average husband and wife who work regular 9-5 jobs. After becoming parents for the first time in 2020 we found ourselves with a new lease on life... That's when we decided that it was time to chase our dreams.

Being lovers of all things sweet, we've always dreamt of creating delicious treats for everyone to enjoy and after months and months of planning, Popii was originally created as an online confectionery and dessert box business. However, we both have European backgrounds that involved our families immigrating to Africa originally. So we soon realised that our true passion was baking the traditional recipes that we grew up with.

Natasha’s family left Portugal for Mozambique and later South Africa where Natasha and Steven both grew up. Natasha grew up eating and making traditional Portuguese recipes with her grandmother and mother, which instilled a passion for food and Portuguese cuisine. As we both get older, we have become more curious about our heritage and cooking more of the traditional food we grew up with. Food has an unbelievable power to transport people back to memories of a place, their childhood and moments with a loved one.

The Portuguese Custard Tart in particular evokes nostalgic memories of eating these in Portugal with family and the smell of coffee in the air. So we have changed the direction of Popii and now aim to bring some of these traditional Portuguese pastries and desserts to Perth. We hope that by eating some of our freshly baked and handmade pastries that you will be transported to a memory with a loved one, a holiday or maybe you will just be inspired to visit Portugal and experience what we have!